Beautiful Rocks

    Hastings, MI

Roger and Uta Vilmont

Join our family of happy campers!

Roger & Uta Vilmont

Whispering Waters Campground is changing its direction for 2016!

Whispering Waters will now focus on seasonal camping, hoping to add at least 10 more seasonal campers. We will also offer monthly and weekly sites, if space is available. To accommodate friends or family of seasonals, we will also reserve at least one open site with no minimum length of stay. It will be a self-registration process, with full hook-ups, at $45.00 per night, or group camping for tents or pop-ups at $30.00 per night. If we find that additional space is needed, every effort will be made to accommodate demand. If you did not receive a copy of our August newsletter, feel free to call us for further information.


Due to the Ash Borer, Pine Beetle, Birch Borer, Gypsy Moth, and assorted other bugs who would like to eat our trees, we are not allowing any wood to be brought into our campground. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and our trees thank you for their life!

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